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Our Programs

77 -Hr Online Real Estate Course

New York State approved 77-hour Online/In-house Classes (online is Live Via Zoom)

We Are A Leading Online School For Aspiring New York Real Estate Agents. We Offer Comprehensive and Flexible Learning Solutions Through Our Online Courses. Convenience Of Own Home. Pass The Exam. All Classes Are Online. Launch Your Career.

Continuing Education(CE)

New York State approved 22.5-hour  qualifying C/E Renewal Course for Sales person & Brokers Each of the courses are individually approved and will be displayed on your completion certificate.

Morning In-House Classes(nov 17)!
Online Course With Live Instructors 

Our Mission

The mission of Enoch's Foliage LLC Realty School is to offer quality real estate education that empowers students. Our graduates will deal effectively with the intricate complexities of the real estate industry.

Success Stories

I had the pleasure of getting the full experience of this course just before the pandemic hit with David Germain as my instructor.  His passion for real estate was undeniable.  


You could feel that he was committed to the success of every student in the class.  


He brought the material to life with rich personal and work experience, peppered with hands-on industry experience, by taking us out in the field and bringing Subject Matter Experts in to present in order to up level our knowledge and set us up for greatness!

The school maintained a nice, warm, professional and organized environment to learn and thrive.


I was also proud to be supporting a female black-owned business in heart of my borough of Brooklyn!   




Enoch’s Foliage Realty School, not only lives up to their mission statement, but they go above and beyond what no other real estate school in Brooklyn, New York can deliver!

I had the pleasure and experience of attending and graduated from the class just before Covid came upon us, and if I’m not mistaken we had a 100% success; and that’s due to our very knowledgeable, personable and engaging instructor David... his delivery was so relatable and hands-on that one could actually see themselves cashing their first check.

Not only would I highly recommend Enoch Foliage Realty School for your real estate career, the owner is just as amazing and she truly cares about each and everyone success and welfare!


My first day of class I was short a few dollars for the textbook and without hesitation Ms. Johnson (Mama Pat affectionately named) offered the textbook and said,  “don’t worry about it”!  Wait... it gets better!


After class ended that same night, I was waiting for my ride which was taking forever, finally the wrong car showed up so by that time I was beyond tight and decided to walk home instead.


To my astonishment, Ms. Johnson’s husband walked me home in the dead of winter; and for the entire duration of the course the both of them, and the instructor made sure I and others got home safely... they did not close their doors til they were sure everyone had a way home. The morale of the class was on point every time... never a dull moment!

Enoch’s Foliage Realty School WILL equip everyone of their students with the knowledge  and professionalism for a successful, coveted career not just in real estate but in life... period!


Thank you!

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